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Property Damage Repair

Unfortunately accidents are a fact of life and on occasion our customers’ buildings maybe affected by this fact.  Even trying to be proactive in the protection of an asset does not always account for all possible incidents.  A vehicle traveling through the parking lot of a Maintco retail client lost control of their vehicle and struck the building causing major damage to the structure both on the interior and exterior. Maintco is known for quick response to these severe incidents.  Arriving on site we assess the situation and secure the areas from any vehicle or pedestrian traffic.  The next step is to secure any unsafe situation which may cause injury to any store staff or customers and secure the area from any further damage to store assets.  The Maintco business model is set up to address all areas of the situation to include, electrical, plumbing, general facility damage, structural damage, equipment replacement, and future prevention measures.  Once all the damage to the facility was repaired and equipment replaced, multiple steel bollards were installed to reduce the potential damage and injury from future incidents.